Year 5 Homework Expectations...

Bring your Home Learning book home every night. Bring it to school every day. Get into a routine of packing everything you need for school the night before.

  • You need to be doing 45 minutes of reading every night. This can be broken up into smaller blocks of time. Remember...all reading is reading! What about newspapers, magazine articles and online research as well as books from home, school and libraries? Try to vary the type of texts you read. Simply record what you are reading in the log at the back of your Home Learning Book. This will be checked on a Friday.

  • Spellings - You have 10 new words to learn every week and there are a huge number of ways you can learn them and use them! Be prepared to be tested on them on a Friday.

  • Basic Facts - You will have at least 10 basic facts to learn each week. These will be tested every Friday. You will be able to monitor your own progress through the Willowbank Levels.

  • Inquiry Projects -There are lots of choices...try to do one per week (at least)