Where do we find patterns? Look at all our ideas so far!

What do you think it means to be smart?


Are children smarter than they used to be?

What do your parents think?
What do your grandparents think?
Ask them how their education differs from yours? (Compare and contrast)

Check out our information reports on all these endangered species around the world. They were written by my Year 4 class last year!

"We have learned so much and we want to spread the word to others."
"Read our reports and tell others about the plight of these poor animals."

You can make a difference!

Thank you in anticipation... Room 32.

Websites for you to find out more about our country's endangered animals, birds, plants and insects...

Environmental Threats to Animals


Natural Heritage Collection

New Zealand Herald article140121122407-dinosaur-tease-image-horizontal-gallery.jpg

Willowbank Wildlife Park!


National Geographic - Dinosaurs

NZ Dinosaurs

Science Kids

Fun Dinosaur website!

This is a cool dino website!

Last year, my class made 30 second advertisements to sell our beautiful country! Take a look...

Can you make one of your own?

Beautiful NZ

Gabby grp



New Zealand